Decorating with Kids Rugs - The Catwalk Rugs Journal

Decorating with Kids Rugs - The Catwalk Rugs Journal

Decorating a kids room is lots of fun, but not always as easy as you think. You’d be surprised how much there is to consider, from the material fibre composition to the size or shape. A rug will offer your little one comfort, whilst completely changing the look of the room. Whether you start with the rug or add it as a finishing touch, we have a stunning range to accommodate your every need.


When choosing a rug for a child’s bedroom, it’s important to choose a fibre that is low or non-shed. For instance, the tiny shedding fibres from a rug made of wool can promote allergies or aggravate asthma sufferers. Wool also stains easily and is difficult to clean which doesn’t work with kids! The most ideal fibre for a child’s room is acrylic, heat set polypropylene or nylon, all of which are low or non-shed and easy to maintain.


Consider the traffic in your child’s room when choosing a colour. A baby’s room sees less play and general use, and therefore you can get away with lighter colours. For an older child who will play on the rug, go for something with a busy design or darker colours that will hide stains or wear.

Kids rug in playroom

There are so many beautiful kids rugs in the market today. Don’t limit yourself to the traditional blue for boys or pink for girls. Find a rug that features colour highlights that compliment your theme. You may even like to work your theme based on the colour and design of your rug. One of our favourite places for inspiration is the kids room ideas on Houzz, Check it our if you need to get the creative juices flowing!


There are many exciting shaped kids rugs on offer, in lots of great sizes. When choosing your rug size, think about whether you want the rug to sit underneath the bedding and furniture or if you want to encapsulate the space by placing something smaller in the centre of the room.

A shaped rug can add a great design element to the room, but make sure you don’t sacrifice too much floor coverage in the process. If you can get away with a unique shape whilst maintaining practicality, go for it! For some stand out shaped rugs, be sure to check out our designer Xian kids rugs by Brink & Campman.


Be practical when choosing your rug. Avoid shaggy piles that will retain dirt, mould and allergens. Go for something easy to clean and maintain, with a pile that’s thick enough to offer comfort to your little one during play time. Our Kidding Around Collection is an in house range featuring a thick acrylic pile, and is available in over 30 inspiring colours and designs.


Kids rugs generally retails from anywhere between $30 to $1200 depending on the brand, material, construction and size. The cheaper rugs usually don’t offer much in the way of comfort for your child and have a very thin pile. The more expensive ones are often by a designer company, offering premium quality and unique designs. Most importantly, please take note of the pile height, density and material before you buy.

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